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Rappelling Carabiners types come in steel or aluminum and many sizes and shapes. Carabiners come with a breaking strength marking to tell you the amount of force it can tolerate. Make sure you use the correct one for the load you are carrying.
Carabiners can be made of steel for durability or aluminum for less weight, but they are also less durable. They come in oval, d-shape, and offsets, which have one leg longer than the other. Parts of the carabiner are the spine which is the load bearing part of the carabiner. The gate is the moving part of the carabiner that allows you to access the carabiner. There are two kinds of locking mechanisms on carabiners. The single locking takes one move to open the carabiner. It has a notch with a pin or a key way.  Barrel locks or twist gate locks can also have key ways or a notch. You can find these with a red line showing if you don’t lock the gate correctly. Red is dead. This is a nice feature. Auto locks automatically lock on their own when you let go of the gate. There is a double auto lock which takes two moves to open and a triple auto lock which takes three moves to open. Carabiners come with breaking strength markings. This tells you the amount of force it takes to break this device and it is given to you in KN.





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