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The devices that you purchase for rappelling and rescue will haveĀ Rappelling Equipment Markings stamped on the hardware or attached with a tab. It is important for you to be familiar with these to properly use your equipment.
Most often device markings will have the manufacturer’s markings, which will show the lot number or the name of the device. There could also be industry standard markings which would show that a third party has tested the equipment stating that it meets certain standards. The video goes into great detail on these specific markings. Lastly, there could be the breaking strength marked on weight bearing devices. This is the amount of force it takes to break the device. This is a very important marking to make sure you know and understand.

  • UIAA – Union International Association of Alpinism
  • CE – Certified European
  • NFPA – National Fire Protection Agency
  • ANSI – American National Standard Institute
  • CI – Cordage Institute
  • ISO 9001 – Quality Assurance





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