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Learn how DC voltage is inverted to AC voltage in a self-sustaining home and why it’s necessary for it to be inverted. Watch this video after you have learned about the Batteries and the Chargers titled Power Station-DC Power.

Lenny Bolton discusses DC to AC inverters and why it is necessary to take the voltage produced from the batteries and invert that energy for your self-sustaining house.

After viewing the videos where Lenny discusses the Batteries and the Chargers, you can then watch this video to learn about DC to AC inverters. You’ve already learned about the Chargers which only deal with the power that comes from the solar panels, 3.6 kW an array. Your house’s appliances and lights run on AC Voltage, so it is necessary to invert the DC voltage to AC voltage for your house to be able to utilize this energy.  There are two inverters with this system; one considered an A Phase and the other is a B Phase. They take your battery voltage (48 volts) and step it up. Each inverter is 120 Volts and combined they make 240 Volts.

The next video to view is the Wind Generator System where Lenny talks about how wind power is made into electrical power and how the controller located inside the power station works.

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