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Self-Sustaining Home videos presented by Lenny Bolton. The Electrical System components are made up of the Wind Generator System, the Solar Panel Arrays, the Generator and the Power Station which coordinates all of these elements to function properly as a unit.

The Electrical System Generator is explained in this first video on Self-Sufficient Homes. The first component of the Electrical System Generator is the Wind Generator System. A sustained 15 mph wind can produce 1 kW of electrical power. A Wind Generator System is mainly used as a back up system to produce energy to charge the batteries when the sun is not out but there is wind power available to move the wind generators. Breezy nights in the desert where it is common to have a 20 mph wind would be a good example.

Next in line is the Solar Panel System which is made up of 2 solar panel arrays.  Each solar panel array is made up of 8 solar panels which are self-tracking and they use Freon as they track the sun.  Each solar panel array can produce 3.6 kW of Energy.  The Solar Panel System is the major Energy producer in a Self-Sustaining Home.

When there is no sun or wind for several consecutive days, there is a back up, stand by generator. Others actually use a generator to alleviate their power bill cost.  This is a 15 kW power generator that can also be used for days that you have heavy energy requirements if you don’t want to drain your batteries.

The power station or nerve center controls all of these elements explained above and allows everything to function properly as a unit. The next video to watch would be the video specifically on the Generator as Lenny explains the details of this part of Electrical Power Generation.


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