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Generator components are described in this video. A generator is used for emergency back up power generation when the sun and wind are absent for several days or when you have a day of heavy energy requirements and you don’t want to drain your batteries.

This video gives you an overview of the 4 cylinder generator or Genset. There is an engine similar to the kind you would see in a small automobile. To the right of the engine is the generator portion. The crank shaft turns the generator which produces the electricity. The battery component is necessary to start the generator. It’s important to service the generator approximately every 500 hours, which means every two to three years you need to change the oil and the air filter.

A generator is used for emergency back up when there are consecutive days without sun or wind. It can also be used if you know you’re going to have to use a large amount of electricity like during welding; this way you do not drain your batteries of their charge. Some choose to use a generator to reduce the cost of their high power bills. The generator produces 15 kW of energy and is great to have for stand by.


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