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Solar Panel Arrays track the Sun so that they can efficiently capture the Sun’s energy source. Each Solar Panel Array can produce up to 3.6 kW of Energy and they are the major contributor in the production of Energy in a self-sustaining home.

There are two sets of solar panel arrays and each panel consists of 8 solar panels. Each panel is attached to each other in series parallel wiring. The wiring then goes to a main junction box which then leaves through a conduit and travels underground to the power house. A lightning arrestor is located on almost every electrical component. So the solar panel traps the electrical power generated by the Sun and the energy then travels to the power house.

There are different types of solar panel arrays.There are some that are set at a certain angle where they always face South, but that’s not the best way to gather the energy source. Since the Sun rises in the East and sets in the West, it’s best to track the Sun in order to capture the Sun’s energy and make the best use of the energy source.

The panel array shown has the ability to track the Sun. The frame that supports the solar panel is mobile and has the ability to tilt and track the Sun. On each side of the framework there is a square tube full of Freon gas.  When Freon gas is heated on one side of the solar panel (the side facing the sun), it becomes a liquid and it then travels through a tube to the other end of the solar panel where it gathers. The liquid form is heavier than the gas form so the side where the liquid gathers becomes heavier and the frame moves so the heavier side drops. A quick start panel, which is flat and black, is located on one end next to the square bar. It heats up more quickly than the square bars so in the morning it heats up and tilts the frame towards the sun.


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