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Our last video in Self-Sustaining Homes is Water Treatment in our off-the-grid discussion, presented by Lenny Bolton. Learn how the water is taken to the Water Treatment Station where it is treated then pressurized so that the house has sufficient water pressure.

The water is pumped from the well into the Water Treatment Station by the well pump. In this case, the water treatment station is located in the Power Station because it has benefits mentioned below. The water is then collected into a 2500 gallon water reservoir. There is a float valve or flood switch located on top of the reservoir that turns the well pump off when the reservoir is full so that no more water can enter.

A large water reservoir is smart because if the water pump fails to work then there is a large amount of water available for stand by until it can be repaired. The other purpose of a large reservoir is that it stabilizes the temperature of the room. In the summer the large reservoir of water acts like a heat sink. To heat the room up you would have to heat the reservoir of water up as well, so it takes a long time for the heat to build up in the room with such a large reservoir of water. In the winter the opposite is true. It would take a very long time for the room temperature to decrease in the room because it would have to cool the large reservoir of water as well. Such a large reservoir of water stabilizes the temperature of the room and the control panels and batteries work well in that environment.

Water leaves the reservoir and enters the jet pump where pressure builds up and it enters the pressure tank which is set at 25 psi.  This enables the house to have sufficient water pressure just like others who have city water. Once inside the house the Reverse Osmosis System sufficiently purifies the water for safe human consumption and use.

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