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The Wind Generator System for self-sustaining homes is discussed by Lenny Bolton. The Wind Generator takes wind power and produces electrical energy which is stored in the batteries. The controller is located in the Power Station and it is a stand alone system.

The Wind Generator produces electrical energy as it spins in the wind, much like the alternator in a car.  It supplies up to 1 kW from 15 mph wind. So if you have a sustained wind of 15 mph wind it can produce 1 kW, which is not nearly as powerful as the Solar Generation System.  If you remember, each solar panel creates 3.6 kW compared to 1 kW.

This is a stand-alone system. This controller only controls the wind generator. It take the voltage from the wind generator to the batteries and so this controller determines if the wind generator system needs to spin.  If the batteries are already charged, there is no need to allow the wind generators to continue to spin because their parts will wear out more quickly.  So a flashing light on top of the controller means that the wind generators are stalled because the solar panel system has already created enough energy, a set amount of Voltage that was programmed.

At night, when Solar Energy is not being produced and there is wind being produced, the wind generator system will help charge the batteries.  It is mostly used as a back up system on those days when there is not a lot of sun to charge the batteries.


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