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Wind Generator during Electrical Power Generation is discussed in this video. In the system described, the wind generator converts wind power to electrical power which is stored in the batteries in the Power House.

The Wind Generator is one component of the Electrical Power Generation. The Wind Generator in the system discussed has a 30 foot mast.  The higher the wind generator the more wind exposure, but the higher the wind generator the greater diameter pole is needed for support.

The Wind Generator is used only as an auxiliary power source in our system because there is only one.  You would need many wind generators in a row or a very large one for it to be a good power generator. This Wind Generator produces 1 kW of energy in a sustained wind of 15 mph so it is used only as a supplemental source in our system.

The Wind Generator slows in sunny conditions when the solar panel arrays are producing large amounts of energy. The rudder (tiller) allows the wind generator to face into the wind. It also adjusts for over-speed; as soon as the rpm’s of the prop gets to a certain speed it actually bends and pulls the blades out of the direct wind. It can move the blades 90 degrees to the wind so that the wind can’t move the prop as much. This way it controls over speeding the generator. If you think of it this way you realize that the wind generator is actually just like the alternator on a car.


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