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Hopefully you never have to use your vehicle emergency survival kit, but it is better to be prepared. Start off by letting people know the general area you’ll be traveling. Pack your items into categories such as shelter, food, water, clothing and first aid. More tips & tricks in the video.

Traveling off-road can be great fun but if you have an accident or encounter a natural disaster it could change things from fun to injuries or possible death. Covering such things like maps, GPS, fire starting, water, shelter, and signal flares are just the beginning. Remember to pack light and small; don’t include items that don’t serve a purpose. Stick to items like lights, chemical lights, batteries, and defense items. Remember to always have more than one light source.

Remember, some people die within 20-40 minutes of a road. If they were prepared for worst-case scenarios they could have dealt with their situation increasing their survival rate. Natural disasters and rough economic times can bring out the unexpected, so the better prepared you are the better chances of survival.


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