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The Vehicle Onboard Air System serves numerous purposes with a survival vehicle. It can jack up the vehicle using an air jack, it can attach to an air wrench to help quickly change a tire, and it can inflate your tires in no time.

It is a luxury to have an onboard air system that allows you to do most modern day repairs in a shop out in the middle of nowhere. Many different onboard air systems are available from custom off-road shops such as 4Wheel Parts or AEV which specialize in Jeeps. In a survival situation, you do not want to burn extra calories or become dehydrated, so taking the physical stress off of you is extremely important.  The onboard air system can run such items as an air hose, impact wrench, jack, etc. But don’t just rely on an air system, have a back up. Always pack simple mechanical gear to jack up your vehicle and change your tires. Lenny carries O2 for auxillary back up and also a standard mechanical jack just in case the onboard air system fails.

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