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Being prepared can not only help you on the trail but also others who are not as well equipped. Your vehicle is a means of transportation, but it’s also susceptible to mechanical and environmental risk and breakdowns.

A Vehicle Spare Parts List of items to have packed up in your off-road vehicle. Not only for off-road, but also many SUVs that travel distances in rural highways where it may take hours or days for someone to come to your assistance. A few items to consider are: antifreeze, brake fluid, common belts, hoses, engine and transmission oil and other items that you may need to get mobile again. To repair your vehicle you will need a mechanical mindset to use other gear such as: on board air compressors, jack, impact gun, breaker or johnson bar and tire plug kit to fix flat tires. A basic tool kit, gloves, chain, snatch block and other winch accessories are also good to have as well as a pump to transport fluids and extra fuel cans. Don’t forget to pack extra clothes and protective gear for you and the people you are traveling with.

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