Added by on 2013-09-29

It’s important to protect the underside of your vehicle if you want to get in and out of remote areas without damage. Vehicle Underbody Armor is available to protect the important parts of your Jeep and most parts are available in a more sturdy version.

Thick steel shields are available for underneath the oil pan of the engine and there is a plate under the transmission and transfer case as well. There is even a plate under the rear axle.

Some other features on the Jeep to help protect it from the rocks and debris is that this particular Jeep is lifted 2 inches higher than stock to help with clearance. The engine and transfer case have been lifted 4 inches higher so it sits up higher underneath the body allowing extra ground clearance. There are heavy duty arms on the suspension and the drive shaft is also beefed up. The axels have been re-geared to 433 ratio axels because of the big tires. All of these features helps you get safely in and out when your going off-road.

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