Write for Us

Write For Us:

Want to write for ATAC TV? We welcome submissions on a variety of topics including survival, firearms, conditioning, rappelling, diving, self sustaining, and lifestyle. Writing for ATACTV.com gives you the opportunity to promote your, school, expertise and insights to our, global community. We look forward to building a community of sharing our combined knowledge and skills in preparedness and survival.

What We Offer:

  1. Writing for ATACTV.com gives you the opportunity to promote your expertise and insights to our passionate, global community.
  2. We are one of the largest online survival and preparedness resources in the world.
  3. Writers with a high reader-base will be selected to be featured in our weekly newsletter. To increase your reader-base, make sure you share and tweet your articles when we post them!
  4. Writers featured in our newsletter will also be offered the opportunity to place a banner in the same newsletter promoting an event or a product of their own.
  5. Top posts will be promoted on ATACTV.com and other related ATAC web properties and social media. The writer will be tagged along with each post.
  6. All writers will receive full credit at the top of their article which links to a dedicated bio page with an image, bio, and link to the writer’s website(s) as well as Facebook and Twitter pages.
  7. The more you build your profile with us the more your articles will get read and shared.

What We Require:

  1. Writers are encouraged to promote their articles through their email, websites, newsletters and social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. The more views your article receives, the more likely you are to become one of our top contributors.
  2. We publish original content. We ask for submissions that have not been published elsewhere online or in other publications.
  3. Feel free to submit articles of all lengths as we do not have a minimum or maximum word count; however we do prefer articles in the range of 250-900 words as they tend to be more popular among our readers.
  4. Please note that we don’t post articles directly promoting products or services and will not include promotional links with the article content.
  5. We ask that regular contributors commit to submitting 1-4 posts per month.

Submission Guidelines:

  1. One space only after a period.
  2. If you are linking within your article, please include links to other articles and resources on our site before linking to an outside source. We do not publish external links that are promotional in nature within the article content.
  3. Please submit your article as a Microsoft Word Document, with as little formatting as possible.
  4. Please include a working title to your submission. We occasionally revise titles to make sure your article gets the most hits and reads possible.
  5. Use clear, concise language in your title and throughout your article. Articles that include numbered lists in the title and body of the text are often popular with our readers (e.g. 5 Tips to concealing while carrying a firearm and 10 survive in the desert or tropics).
  6. Our editorial staff reserves the right to edit your text for grammar, punctuation and format (e.g. bulleted lists).

Ready to submit?

Please send queries and submissions to mail to: submissions@atactv.com. If it is your first time submitting to us, please include a high-resolution photo of yourself (landscape dimensions preferred), a short bio (max 50-60 words), optional longer bio (100 words), hometown and a link to your website, Facebook and Twitter accounts, and YouTube if you have it.

We look forward to building a community of survival and preparedness.